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November 7th, 2019 – Site News

Currently, I have two short stories published to this site. “On Being Indistinguishable” is a short story that I wrote that shouldn’t take more than a half hour to read. Here are the details for you:

Main characters: Fictional Me (ie. I write fiction in the first person) and a young woman that’s hitchhiking.

Setting: Starting in Jasper National Park in Jasper, Alberta and moving along the highway toward Kamloops, British Columbia in the fall of 2010.

The conflict: Fictional Me struggles with accepting that an act of philanthropy is taken to be the exact opposite.

Another short story of mine, “Budget Travel,” is also enjoyable in less than one-half hour.

Main characters: Fictional Me and a guy named Andreas, an obnoxious car driver.

Setting: Nice, France and moving toward Lyon, France.

The conflict: Fictional Me struggles with doing something that he knows is justified but also understands that it might not seem that way to onlookers.